Laraboot: Laravel 5.2 For Beginners Now Released

By Bill Keck

Laraboot: Laravel 5.2 For Beginners Now Released

I’m proud to announce the release of Laraboot: Laravel 5.2 For Beginners.

It took me a while, I had to do a lot of rewriting. The original book was written for 5.1 and some important things changed from 5.1 to 5.2, especially with the Auth traits.

Although it was a pain to account for all the changes, it was worth it. Laravel continues to evolve as PHP’s most exciting and innovative framework. You will want to use 5.2 for your projects and take advantage of everything it has to offer.

For example, 5.2 has a handy artisan command for creating the Auth views, so that is a real time saver. With routes, we now have a web group that we use, which uses web middleware, and we have accounted for that change as well.

I also rewrote the socialite implementation, revising the ManagesSocial trait to make it easier to follow. These are big improvements to the template, if you want to use it as a starter for your projects.

The new edition of the book also includes a ManagesImages trait, which helps make the image management code reusable, and we also use a config file to bring in defaults, so this is new material for the book, now 467 pages. I think you will like it.

Doing this version of the book gave me a chance to go over everything and make it as clear as possible, so I think you will see some improvements there. I’ve updated the Laraboot github repository to the latest version as well.

All updates are free for the life of the book. For everyone that had the previous version of the book, you can get the new version for free by logging into your leanpub account and pulling down the latest version.

I hope this book helps you meet some of your programming goals with Laravel. If you have a positive experience with it, please leave a review at:

Thanks again for supporting my work.