Laraboot Laravel 5 Bonus Material Released

November 22, 2015 By Bill Keck

Laraboot: Laravel 5* For Beginners Bonus Material Released.

Just a quick post today to let everyone know that I’ve added the first bonus chapter to Laraboot. ¬†With this chapter, it brings the total page count up to 433.

In this bonus chapter, we work with image management and build a dynamically populated bootstrap carousel, also known as a slider.

Working with images can be a bit of a pain, you have to deal with the file management as well as the models in the DB. Fortunately, we get some great help with this within the Laravel framework as well as from the Intervention Image package.

The Laraboot template is straight bootstrap, which means its easy to work with and modify to suit your needs. We use a bootstrap carousel as a slider, and then populate it with images that are managed from the backend admin dashboard. That means you can hand to your clients the ability to manage their own marketing images, which is something they will love.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting this blog and the book with positive comments, I really appreciate it.