Laravel 5.3 For Beginners Book Official Release

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Published September 8, 2016 by Bill Keck.

Laravel 5.3 For Beginners Book Official Release

I’m happy to announce I’ve just released my new book, Laravel 5.3 For Beginners. The book comes in at just over 620 pages, and covers a lot of ground that I did not cover in my previous Laravel books, including using Elixir and Vue.js.

The book starts out with the basics, like the previous books, and some of that will sound familiar if you read those books, but then it progresses into more intermediate code. We utilize Socialite for one-click authentication with Facebook and Github, so now we have it set up to handle multiple social providers. We have an image management trait that helps us utilize the Intervention Image package, which makes creating thumbnails very easy.

Another big difference in this book is the use of Elixir and Vue.js. I didn’t cover those in previous books because I felt they were more intermediate, and actually, Vue.js has only recently been adopted by the community to the extent that is now configured in Laravel out of the box. You will love that.

The whole Elixir implementation is easier to get going now, so we get introduced to Elixir for our asset management. But we don’t do that early in book, we save it for later, after you learn the basics.

Instead we take you step by step in building a sample application that will help you understand how the framework actually works. The early chapters are similar to my last book, but there are significant differences, mostly refinements that reflect both my personal growth as a programmer and also trends within the community. For example, while I still use the form helper for date formatting, I don’t use it for much else and we will explore the reasons for that.

Also, we are no longer using jQuery for our data grids. Instead we moved to a very robust data grid built with Vue.js, the javascript framework that is favored by so many Laravel developers, so much so, it comes setup for you out of the box, after you run npm install.

As always, I did my best to make the book comprehensive and accessible to all. Laravel is just an awesome framework, and if you are just learning, it’s a great place to start.

Thanks again to everyone who has purchased my previous books and followed this blog, I appreciate your support!

11 thoughts on “Laravel 5.3 For Beginners Book Official Release

  1. Trond Grøntoft says:

    I just bought this book, and I am VERY impressed with it. I have been using Laravel for quite a while, and bought it specifically for the last two chapters. I found, however that there are lots of tips and useful stuff in the earlier chapters as well. Vell done!

    Do you have any plans to cover the ViewMaker tools in this book? They seem to be very useful.


  2. Eric Jonas says:

    Hi Bill,

    I am interested to buy your book. But do you have any screenshot on how your sample app looks like? Since you will implement vue.js and charts, wonder will you build an interesting website or just another todo application.

    Any help? Thanks.


    • I don’t have a screenshot. The app itself is very basic, I’m not much of a frontend developer, so I just use basic Bootstrap. The sample project is more of a starting point for an application. But do we get into some very useful implementations, including a robust Socialite implementation and searchable, sortable, and paginated datagrids, access control etc.


      • Eric Jonas says:

        Just bought your book to give you some support 🙂

        by the way, I saw you have yii2 book too. What do you think of yii2 vs laravel 5.3? Actually I would prefer to stick to laravel all the way as I plan to invest time on it. But looking at some forums, they said yii2 is really fast and more suitable for enterprise apps. What do you think? Thanks.


  3. Thanks Eric. I started on Yii 2 as a beginning programmer, which I enjoyed, then moved on to Laravel as I grew as a programmer. I do not use Yii2 at this point. I would recommend Laravel 5.3 for enterprise for many reasons. I will be doing a blog on this subject soon. Thanks again for your support.


    • Eric Jonas says:

      Thanks Bill 🙂 I’ll stick to Laravel all the way 🙂

      By the way, I hardly see any laravel articles on workflow – state, transitions, etc. Do you have any tips how to implement this? I noticed a few using if/else, switch statements, but feel it’s really lacking.

      I came from python and erp background, always been fascinated on the workflow engine in there.

      Any tips on this one? Thanks.


  4. Eric Jonas says:

    Just completed chapter 4, so far so good 🙂

    By the way, do you have any plans to write an ebook on laravel 5.3 + unit testing.. how to build app + unit tests from scratch to a working web app.

    As in web app, how do I unit test my business logic, model, UI stuff…

    I have been struggling with unit tests and really like your writing approach so far. Going to chapter 5 next 🙂


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